Snap Code

This is my Click Alonzo game. In it you can do a variety of things. The goal is to get as many clicks as possible. Each time you click Alonzo he changes colors. If you don't click him in time he'll start to fade and you'll lose points; click him again and he'll start to come back. Keep track of him by the maroon trail he leaves. What's special about this game is it keeps track of your current score and the highest score ever. So feel free to play again and again by clicking the red stop button and then the green flag.
Here is the code I used to make the game. It is the list of instructions so the game runs smoothly. If you notice there are somethings, like the color change that happen each time he's clicked. While others are happening in a forever loop, which means they happen forever continuously (the score of the game is one).

This is another game I can up with where the goal is to run away from the other phone. Once you get 'caught' a conversation ensues. Based off a real conversation it mimicks an average teenage text convo. What makes it fun is that you (the phone) is connected with the mouse, so the mouse controls where the phone goes. You want to run away for as long as possible. To play again just click the red stop button, and then the green flag button.
Here is a cool design I made with code. The spiral zig-zags and gets closer to itself each time!